Why You Should Take Up Surfing For Health Benefits

Riding the waves in different forms has been a passion with humans through the ages as something exciting that pushes up the adrenalin!

Having originated in Hawaii along with its scintillating beaches with the blue waves crashing, today it is pursued with fervor across the globe.

The popularity of this water-sport is ever increasing and not without reasons. The tremendous physical and mental health benefits that surfing offers has further made it more popular.

Exuberant surfers will tell you how the health benefits of surfing like any other water-based exercise, it exercises the upper and lower body strengthening the core.

Along the physical benefits, surfing also gives a tremendous boost at the mental level to those that pursue it.

On the physical plane

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Whether you have just joined a surfing training camp on vacation or are someone that is an avid surfer, the intense movements are great cardiovascular exercises.

It improves the overall blood circulation in the body, improving the quality of your heart and helps to flush out of toxins.

When you join a well-designed surfing program, you are sure to give all your muscles a good workout, both the common ones and those that do not get much exercise.

In fact, when surfing you concentrate on maneuvering the waves and are likely to spend longer hours exercising your body. Spending long hours at the gym may not be as easy, but while surfing you actually get to enjoy yourself on the waters as the muscles workout!

For those of you that get the opportunity to join cross-training sessions that help incorporate better body balance along with the hardcore surfing classes stand to gain more.

This way you give your body asymmetrical workout that is difficult to attain on a daily basis.

Strengthening your back and improving your posture are some other great benefits of surfing the waves. The added benefits are that you get to relax and have fun on the waters during your vacation.

There is no need to make that extra effort of going to the gym and sweating it out to attain it all!

The twists and turns that your body undergoes while surfing makes it supple and gives you the flexibility that takes months to attain when working out regularly.

The body is stretched to the maximum possible at all angles increasing its mobility and flexibility.

On the mental plane

Exercise Pata Sudaka Surf Camp

Learning how to surf requires perseverance, endurance and commitment. When you dedicate all of these, you are actually dedicating yourself mentally to this sport.

In the process, your overall mental health receives a great boost along with the physical plane.

When you are physically exercised with all the bodily toxin flushed out and mentally strengthened, you will be naturally be relieved of all stress.

Surfing is a great stress-buster that allows you to be yourself, enjoy every moment and emerge physically strengthened and mentally rejuvenated!!!

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  1. Ron Booker
    Ron Booker says:

    It’s awesome that from all the paddling, you get a great upper body workout, making surfing a great activity. I have been wanting to find an activity for my son so he can practice this summer because I don’t want him stuck inside the house during his vacation. it seems like a surfing club will be a great idea, so we will start looking for one around and get him started.

  2. Bob Newton
    Bob Newton says:

    It’s interesting that you mention that learning how to surf can help lower your stress levels. I’ve been under a lot of stress because of my divorce, so I’m thinking about attending a surf school this year. I’m going to look for a good surf school that I can attend.

  3. Conrad O'Connor
    Conrad O'Connor says:

    It’s cool that you elaborate on how surfing is good for your physical health. I want to start taking proper care of my health this year, so I’m thinking about taking some surfing lessons. I’m going to search for a good surfing instructor in my area to use.


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