John John vs. Jamie O’Brien

This is the entire Volcom Pipe Pro 2012 Final. Watch John John…
Surfing Dolphins

Animals Can Surf Too!

Kelly Slater once said "Surfing is like the mafia, once you're…
waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii

The Best 5 Beginner Beaches in O’ahu (HI)

When people ask us about our Surf Trips in Hawaii, their first…
Rips & Currents

Learn to Surf: #1 Rips & Currents

Before you enter the Surf, be aware and take notice.... Rips…
Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo bay

...means "spring waters" and is one of the most beautiful bays…
Hawaiian Mai Tai

Come & enjoy a drink with us!

Hawaiian Mai Tai is the favorite drink among tourists in Hawaii,…
Our Journey - The History of Pata Sudaka

Our Journey – The History of Pata Sudaka

Aloha World, Have you ever wondered how we came to life? Then…
Pata sudaka meaning

What does “Pata Sudaka” mean?

Pata Sudaka team was born and raised in Ecuador - South-America.…
Mein Leben in Ayampe

Mein Leben in Ayampe – Liebe auf den ersten Blick!

Hier trifft der Jungel auf den Pazifik und das verleiht dem Dorf…